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Fan Fiction Master List (Updated 1/15/17)

At long last, I have compiled a master list for most of my fan fiction.

A few notes:

1) Everything is separated by fandom. If I write a fair amount about a certain character or pairing, those stories are further separated based on their focuses. Otherwise, the story's focus will be noted in parenthesis next to the title.

2) The term "adult" is placed next to stories written for adult challenges. Your mileage will vary on whether you think the story meets that qualification.

3) I think stories with major warnable material have been covered. However, stories do not have thorough, itemized warning lists. I intend to go back and clean things up but I cannot give a firm date as to when that process will begin or end. So: I Cannot Guarantee Your Piece Of Mind So Please Proceed Into These Stories With Caution.

Edit 7/4/2011: Warning text is being added to all fic posts. I'm using the code from here to set it all up. As of right now, I intend to warn for the biggies (like rape and the various forms of non- and dub-con or character death) and a few other things that, while controversial, can be understandably upsetting (like cheating on a partner or inebriant intake). If there is a sex act in the story, I will describe it in the warnings section. As of today, the Baccano! stories all have warnings using this method.


First, Second, and Third Opinions Yuletide 2010 at AO3
Lessons in Listening
Soothe (Adult)
Up on the Rooftop (Adult)

All or Nothing at All (Adult)
Convergence (Adult)
I Walk a Little Faster
Lost and Found (Adult)
Mistakes Are Made to be Repeated (Adult)
Taken to Flight (Adult)
Covert Affairs (archived on Ao3)


Before and After (Adult)
Missed Communication
Protocol (AU)
Second Sorrow
Senses in the Shadows
The World beats dead
Unnamed Drabble-type thing
Undone Again
When Care is Given
Words at the Abyss

Aizen/Tousen/Gin/Arrankar-Specific (Non-pairing)
Propaganda Begins at Home
Three Kings

Hands Tied
Once in the Morning, Once before Bed
The Unbroken Path

Hinamori/Hitsugaya (one-sided)
Reverse Point

Everything in Its Place
Not a Bang but a Whimper (Adult)

Ishida Father and Son
Too Good Too Bad

Inner Take
The Other Stranger
Red, Red, Red (Adult)
A Parting of Ways (at Ao3)

Keeper of the Flame

Various Characters
The Show Must Go On

Code Geass (R1):

Dream a Little Dream (Shirley)
False Harbor (Suzaku)

Dark Shadows (1966):

At the Cabaret (Pre-1897 Jenny and Quentin)
Better Late (Chris Jennings, Maggie Evans, Tracy (NoDS)) at AO3
Bitter Pills (Chris/Cyrus, Cyrus/Sabrina 1970PT) at FF.N - 2/4 posted (abandoned)
Can't See the Future for the Past (Victoria)
Girly Talk in the Underworld (Beth, Jenny, Laura, and Charity)
The Good Son (Tom Jennings) at FF.N
The Ground on Which We Are Built (proto Barnabas/Angelique, Josette) Yuletide 2011/Archived at Ao3
Headline News (Chris Jennings)
Is This Desire? (Barnabas/Victoria)
Live Where You Lie (Julia and Barnabas)
Message Intercepted (1841PT)
Message Received (1841PT)
The Morning Comes (1841PT – Bramwell and Morgan)
Protection (Barnabas, Julia, Willie)
The Things You'll Say in the Morning (1897 Tim and Pansy!Charity)
We're All Dilettantes Here (Carolyn)
Whatever Makes You Happy (Carolyn, Elizabeth, Jason)
Vignettes from Collinwood (various ficlets, written on Tumblr, archived on Ao3)

Scenes from an Alternate Home, In an Alternate Town
In the Shadows (On the Page)

Design for Living (1933):

Back to the Start (Tom Chambers/George Curtis/Gilda Farrell) for Yuletide 2013 - archived at Ao3
My Place and Time (Tom Chambers/George Curtis) for Yuletide 2013 - archived at Ao3

Eureka Seven:

Better Than Surrender
Business as Usual
Daily Rituals
Defiant and Defied
Excerpts from Subject File for Number Six (Anemone) by D. Sorel
Falling Further Faster
The Farce We All Must Play
In the Distance
Leap of Faith
Let Me Show You
Maybe Yes, Maybe No
No Girl So Sweet
Nothing is Good Enough
Sight Unseen
Sweet Surprises
To the End of the Leash
Two Sides of the Same Coin
The Violence in the System
A World Together/Apart

Anemone specific
Wilting Flowers

Eureka specific
Better Than Fine

Real Love

Novak Institute Subjects
Can't Stop What's Coming

Fullmetal Alchemist (Original Anime):

Even the Bones Will Do
Happy Family (Dante, Envy, Lust)
The Past Will Always Catch Up With You 1 (Sloth)
The Past Will Always Catch Up With You 2a (Sloth and Dante
The Past Will Always Catch Up With You 2b (Sloth and Dante)
Rambling Cats (Winry, Ed, Al)
Shelter (Al)


Revise and Appraise (Hato/Madarame) written for Yuletide 2014 and archived on Ao3

Mad Men:

You Won't Realize I'm Gone (Allison)

Ouran High School Host Club:

Sudden Sounds Bring New Life

Penny Dreadful (TV):

Moving On, Moving Forward (Canon Divergent AU - Angelique, Mr. Lyle, Vanessa) (for Yuletide 2015)
A Moment and the Means (Vanessa/Ethan) (for Yuletide 2016)

Looking Forwards, Backwards (Ayato, Maya)

Ringu Series:

Little Fish, Big Fish (Sadako)

Ristorante Paradiso (anime or manga)
It Pays to Ask (Nicoletta/Claudio) Written for Yuletide 2012 and archived at Ao3

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Confirmation (Cassian Andor/Leia Organa)

Sex and the City:

Back and Forth

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Eager. Nervous, Too. (Rey/Luke)

Strange Mercies (Rey/Luke)
Small Invitations
Rest and Repair
Whispers in the Dark 1/4 currently

Suppli (manga):

Amongst the Ruins (Fujii)

Tiger and Bunny:

When in doubt, ask (Blue Rose, Wild Tiger) (for Yuletide 2013 - archived at Ao3)

Tokyo Babylon/X:

Forbidden Ponds
The Light Breaks

The Darkest Day Has Yet to Come
Merrily, Merrily, Merrily

While my tagging proclivities are pretty spotty, I do have a few frequently used tags that fic searches may find helpful: challenge specific tags and frequent pairing specific tags.

Challenge Specific Tags:

IJ pornbattle

Frequently Written Pairings Tags:

Aizen/Hinamori – Bleach
Chane/Claire – Baccano!
Dominic/Anemone – Eureka Seven
Eve/Luck – Baccano!
Ishida/Nemu - Bleach
Seishirou/Subaru – Tokyo Babylon/X

Anyone looking for the my (in)completed prompt table for my Anemone/Dominic claim can find it here. My [livejournal.com profile] ship_manifesto for them is here.

I also archive fic in the following places:


If you happen to find any abnormalities (like broken links), please do not hesitate to leave a note. If I can fix it, I will do so as soon as I can.