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Looking Forwards, Backwards for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days

Title: Looking Forwards, Backwards
Fandom: RahXephon
Characters: Ayato, dream!Haruka, Maya
Words: 202
Summary: She flickered through his dreams for three years. He just couldn't remember the details.

For [livejournal.com profile] 31_days, May 5 - there are cracks in the universe

* * *
She was the constant flicker throughout his dreams for three years. Sometimes she was nothing more than a sideways glance or disembodied smile. Yet at other times she was every female face, her approving eyes looking him over at nearly every angle. They rarely ever touched, but she was capable of grabbing his hand and bringing it to her lips. On those days, he swore that the residual heat lingered throughout the rest of the morning. His mind reeled constantly at her only words to him: “Come back to me.”

But it was his own voice that woke him from his dreams. He was just incapable of remembering what he had said. The randomness of the syllables never made sense. His eyes would lazily drift toward the door and the familiar form of his mother. Her face always held the same expression of frustrated anger on those early mornings. He would feel ashamed to having awakened her.

He never failed to ask if she had heard what he had said the next time he saw her. She always said no. “Why can’t I remember?” he would lament.

“It doesn’t matter,” she would say in her calm manner. “You will one day forget.”