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The Past Will Always Catch Up with You (2a), for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days

Title: The Past Will Always Catch Up with You - 2a of 2
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (anime)
Characters: Sloth, Dante, and mentions of Hohenheim
Words: 734
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist is the creation of Hiromu Arakawa. I receive no monetary benefit from this work.
Summary: The past cannot be forgotten. It can only be relived.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days, prompt February 10 - the lost husband

* * *

“These things happen.”

“That’s not a real answer.” Sloth followed her master as she twirled about the church. Dante had been ignoring her since she had returned to the hideout. In the past, she wouldn’t have given such an answer to one of her most prized subordinates. Things had changed. She had come to realize that Dante had new toys to play with: a new body, a new human pet, and seemingly new purpose in life. Her old toys were either dead or defective. They didn’t provide a means to an end.

“What kind of answer are you expecting?” sighed Dante. “I can’t look inside your mind and pluck out the offending ‘memories.’ And, at this point, I obviously can’t convince you that these memories aren’t yours. You wouldn’t believe me.”

“I’ve been living with these memories for too long to believe otherwise.”

“And yet you didn’t try to contact me when you first started to have them. Why is that, dear? You know that you always have an open line with me through Pride.”

“Pride had more important concerns,” explained Sloth.

“Pride’s concerns are mine. Your concerns are mine. If I don’t know what’s going on with my little army, I can’t be sure that they will fulfill my orders to the best of their abilities.” Dante motioned toward an overstuffed love seat. “Sit. We’ll find a way to solve this problem right now.”

Sloth obeyed without hesitation. She pulled herself into the corner, nearly drawing her body into a small ball. Dante laughed at her as she took a seat. “This isn’t the end of the world. This is more like an annoying little bug. We just have to find the right way to get rid of it.”

“That’s all well and good but I don’t understand why I see these things in the first place. You assured me that I had no life before you found me.”

“You must have misunderstood me,” said Dante. “Part of you belongs to someone else. Those boys you keep seeing used that part of her to make you.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“But it’s true. Think back, dear. Think of those first few moments of your life and tell me what you see.”

“It’s all so hazy,” she said, shuffling in her seat as she racked her mind for the memories. “I’m in that shack. It’s dim and rank with the smell of detritus. And I see him – the small one – pulling away from the scene. He’s terrified.”

“He was a child playing with adult toys. He’s a fool but he’s not at fault.”

“Then who is? If he did this, then he is at fault regardless of his age.”

Dante stifled laughter as her head sank into her hands. “You homunculi,” she sighed. “You’re just as simple as children when it comes to morality.” She placed her hand on Sloth’s and said, “Think about it: he’s a child playing adult games. Where did he learn them?”

“From…from my other half? From the part of me that remembers.”

“Of course not. That part of you was nearly as simple as a child. No! It takes two to make children. Tell me, where is the father?”

“I’ve no clue. I never see him in these memories.”

“Of course. He was never there. He had no hand in physically taking care of either them or your other half. However, he was home long enough to plant the seeds in those boys to play in a world they weren’t meant to know.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that had he performed his role, you wouldn’t exist. You also wouldn’t be plagued by these memories and wishing that they didn’t exist. Now, you’re here now and there is nothing we could – or should – do about that. However, he – this missing spouse and father – can do no good in this world if he is leading people on only to abandon them later to their own devices.”

“Are you saying I should find him and kill him?”

“Not kill, dear,” explained Dante as she jumped from the love seat. “Just find him. I’ll be able to give him what he deserves.”

“Ah. So it’s as simple as that.” Sloth rose from her seat and bowed to Dante. “Thank you. Where would I be without you?”

“It’s best that you don’t think about that. After all, it would just give rise to more painful memories.”