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You Won't Realize I'm Gone for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days

Title: You Won't Realize I'm Gone
Fandom: Mad Men
Characters: Allison
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 223
Disclaimer: Mad Men was created by Matthew Weiner.
Summary: Season 3 fic: She picks up the picked-over remains of his office and comes to a conclusion.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. The theme is "one day here and the next day gone".

Notes: The title comes from a line in St. Vincent's song "Marry Me". It perhaps makes more sense when paired with the line that immediately precedes it: I'll be so good to you.

This is set sometime during the final episode of season 3. As we've already seen in season 4, fate had something entirely different (and even more uncomfortable) in store for Allison.

* * *
She began to feel something like hurt after the shock wore off. As she began to sift through the picked-over remains of his office, she began to wonder why she hadn't been told. Hadn't she been loyal enough? She wasn't Peggy, who wasn't really meant for that sort of job in the first place. She wasn't Jane, who had chosen her own sort of upward mobility over her responsibilities.

She was a secretary and a damn good one.

She had filled a role that countless secretaries had failed at over the years. She had watched them all walk away in either tears or frustration. They usually murmured the same thing: "What does Don Draper actually want?" Once she was put on the job, she realized that it was all really simple. You do your job and you shut your mouth. He was prickly, but they all were. You didn't have to understand or like it. You just had to be prepared.

It was just the she had been preparing to become obsolete.

It wouldn't have surprised her if they all began asking her about how much she knew. They would think she was a trooper or a fool for keeping his secrets. The truth was that she was just like them: useful for a while but easily discarded when it was time to move forward.