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The Violence in the System for [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses

Title: The Violence in the System or Attempted Fence Sitting
Fandom: Eureka Seven
Pairing: Dominic/Anemone
Words: 284
Rating: Pg
Disclaimer: Eureka seveN was created by Studio BONES and is distributed by Bandai. I receive no monetary benefit from this work.

For [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses. #25 - Fence

* * *

She was uncertain. Then again, she almost always was. Dewey had once told her that the only certain thing in life was the ever-expanding abyss and that every living creature was heading toward it. And nothing in life seemed to prove him wrong.

And yet he seemed to want to prove it wrong. There wasn’t a day that passed that didn’t involve Dominic in some small way. He was always there – a helpful shadow that couldn’t help but occupy himself in her every action.

In a way, his presence was comforting. It was nice to not have to worry about the small daily routines – as if she had ever done so on her own anyway. And he did provide a bit of warm companionship. He left the room warmer than it had been before. At the same time, she couldn’t bare to be around him. She couldn’t help but sense an ulterior motive behind his every move. What was he trying to prove? Did he control her? Was he a better master than their commander? Her mind would run livid as it flashed through his imagined reasons. And he eventually bore the scars of that rage. His arms were often dotted with teeth marks and bloody kisses.

She occasionally regretted it. After all, he never really knew why she lashed out. But she never apologized because she could never shake the feeling that he did deserve it. But she could never be sure. Instead, a few days after an incident, she would laugh in his direction and blow him a kiss. She knew she had to be nice to keep him around. He could never vindicate himself if she pushed him too far away.

She would never know the truth without him.