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Title: Uninvited
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon/X
Characters: Subaru mentions of Seishirou
Words: 368
Disclaimer: Tokyo Babylon and X were created by CLAMP. I receive no monetary benefit from this work.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. Theme July 7 - Domesticity of long-distance relationships

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Everyone (human and feline) is still asleep. Except me. It's no fair, I say. No fair.

I finally started working on the Seishirou/Subaru bunny I've been mulling around with for the last two days. It's Tokyo Babylon based, so my desk is covered with the volumes. So, at one point, I get too caught up in revisiting the story to actually move on with mine. But I think I'm over that now. I have pretty much all day to work on it. Perhaps I shall finish something. How much do I have done, though: 70 words. It's a start :/

I have broken down and started downloading Torchwood. It's on every time I pass by BBC America and I began to get curious. People seem to either Love, Love, Love it or hate it with the passion of a thousand giant burning suns so we'll have to see how it goes. I've been considering doing this for about the last week and when I told the boyfriend about it his reaction amounted to "That's cool. AND THEN YOU CAN GET INTO THE NEW WHO!! YES!" I don't know. I'm intimidated by both the years and years of canon (because getting into new Who means having to deal with Old Who and I don't have that kind of time) and the fervor of much of the fandom.

And, on the brightest note of all, I was able to look at the Sadako secret from [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets and not and not have a crazy nightmare. At least two years ago this would not have been the case. Especially since this was "Out of the well...I'm coming to get you" Sadako in that grainy film stock that "the video" was shot in. It has been about five years since I saw Ringu and she still creeps me out. That doesn't mean that I don't have the box set on my wish list. It apparently means I want to fear every monitor in my apartment. We currently have three TVs (two unplugging and needing to be put in storage or pawned) and three computer monitors (with another in storage). I have lots to fear.

And, for the record, Ringu > The Ring. That's not to say that I didn't like the initial US Remake. It told it's own very distinct story in an engaging, creepy way. I think I've soured to it because of it's dreadful sequel. That's not to say that Ringu 2 was anything to write home about (and I haven't even seen Rasen, the direct sequel to Ringu which follows book canon instead of the canon set up by the movie),but I did like the "Now all secondary characters are now main characters" thing and Ring 0 was able to was to wash out any bad taste with good plotting and actual sympathy for Sadako. It was a great way to end things.


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