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Numb, for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days

Title: Numb
Fandom: Bleach [Assumes knowledge of Soul Society arc spoilers]
Characters: Hinamori, OC
Words: 436
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:Bleach is the brainchild of Kubo Tite and is distributed by Shueisha in Japan and Viz Media in the US. I receive no monetary benefit from this work.
Summary: One can't live on the edge of emotion forever

Written for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days, prompt February 27 - thieves and liars

* * *

When word of Aizen Sousuke’s demise reached Seireitei, members of the Fifth division braced themselves for the worst. They all knew of the captain’s feelings for the traitor. The seated members of the division pulled straws to determine who would deliver the news to her. Nagasawa Reiko, the Twelfth seated officer, was the unlucky messenger.

Tentatively, Reiko knocked at the captain’s door. To her surprise, the door slid open swiftly, revealing her captain’s diminutive form. Her captain motioned for her to enter. Once she did, she turned to Reiko and asked, “So you’re here to tell me about the death of captain Aizen Sousuke?”

“Ho…how do you already know?”

“I have my means.” The captain motioned again and the two of knelt facing the other. Reiko was surprised: though relatively new to the division, she had been warned by her superiors about the current captain’s previous relationship with the former captain turned traitor. Despite all of this, the captain’s face was calm, almost serene. “You needn’t stare at me like this,” warned the captain. “There’s nothing strange going on.”

“Forgive me, captain,” said Reiko. “I don’t mean to offend you but I was told to expect the worst.”

“They would tell you that.” The captain giggled lightly, as if laughing at a secret joke. “I think I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was scared for him. Each skirmish would bring out that fear and I would wait up at night to hear the latest news. But as time went on, all of this began to dim. Besides, my fear for my friends was equally as great. As we sit here – four years into this war between Soul Society and Hueco Mundo – Aizen and his army have killed a great many of those friends.”

“I…I’m sorry for your loss.”

The captain nodded weakly. “You see, Nagasawa, I’ve mourned and wailed for those people. My nerves lived on edge with worry for four years. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t muster up the emotion to feel anything about this recent event. He’s drained me dry.”

Reiko wasn’t quite sure as to what she should say. The captain seemed to realize this and said, “You should probably leave now and tell them all that I’ve heard.”

Quietly, she guided Reiko toward the door. As the girl turned to leave, she could hear her captain say, “Don’t worry. I’ll be ok. I suppose that this state I’m in is a kind of final kindness.”

Again, Reiko was left speechless. She just turned away and headed back toward the practice rooms.