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Sudden Sounds Bring New Life, for [livejournal.com profile] 31_days

Title: Sudden Sounds Bring New Life
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Characters: Haruhi, Tamaki
Word Count: 888
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Ouran High School Host Club was created by Bisco Hatori. I receive no monetary benefit from this work.
Summary: Haruhi can't get away.

ETA: I'm sorry I still had the summary for yesterday's story in the header. I normally delete everything out of a header if I'm re-using one but that seemed to have slipped past my view.

For [livejournal.com profile] 31_days. Prompt December 5, Close to You/ ~ The radio plays that song you like ~

She almost yelped when she noticed the slick white streak on forearm but quickly composed herself. It was merely a remnant from that day’s Kabuki themed Host Club session. Renge had regaled Haruhi’s customers with the history of Kabuki, making sure to note that women were driven from the stage in 1692 because the dangers the ruling class believed the audience posed to them. All the girls agreed that it had been for the best. After all, a pretty “boy” such as Haruhi was just as good in such a role as any of them were. They all agreed that, at least for them, it was more entertaining this way. Haruhi wasn’t sure if this was because of their fervor for boy love or something that revolved around a wicked joke meant only to be understood by other women. Either way, she smiled politely and let them proceed with their fun.

However, that bit of fun was long over. Now, a day’s worth of homework stared at her and demanded her utmost attention. But didn’t everyone want her attention these days? Tamaki had nearly begged on bended knee for her to go with him on a shopping excursion. “It’s for the club,” he kept insisting, as if that would make it anything other than a psuedo-date. She declined, making extra sure to mention the mountain of homework. He accepted but walked away from her in that way he does when he’s disappointed. Haruhi felt horrible. Telling Tamaki no sometimes reminded her doing the same thing to a puppy: both are enthusiastic about the things they like and both are so overly dramatic when they do not get their way. She had work to do. What could she say?

However, it wasn’t as if she needed to do all it that night. Haruhi was a quick study and could finish nearly any bit of work in an absurd amount of time. But she had been feeling the need to regain her sense of self again. She spent most of her day pretending to be something else – be it a boy or a boy playing dress up. Though she enjoyed the company of her fellow Host Club members, they were just perpetuating the lie. She needed the night off the to rest and be “Haruhi”: she would finish that homework and call up old friends from school. She’d talk to them about the old days, gain a bit of rejuvenation, and go back to school ready to play the game for another day.

There was just one problem: she couldn’t pull up the energy to do any of it. The homework, she realized, could glare at her all night and she still would not feel intimidated enough to crack open a book. Her friends scattered after graduation and she knew for sure that she had lost many of their phone numbers. “So much for productivity,” she murmured as she turned on the radio. She slipped onto the floor and let the sound wash over her and hopefully inspire her to greater acts than this one.

And then it came on.

Haruhi didn’t notice the tune at first. To her ear, it sounded like any other pop track. It was when voice filtered in, smooth and lilting like songbird at dawn, that she recognized it. A few weeks ago, Tamaki had raved about the singer at a Host Club meeting, informing all of them that they would own the single within a week’s time. Sure enough, many of the girls came in the next week thanking him for turning them on to something as wonderful as this. Haruhi had rolled her eyes at these early signs praise, but listening to it now she heard what they already understood.

She jumped from the floor and searched frantically for her notebook. Upon finding it, she flipped to a page and ran toward the phone and dialed a number. “Um…hi!” she said, trying to turn her sudden burst of energy into something that sounded effortless. “If you’re busy I can call back. I just…”

“No, I haven’t left yet,” said Tamaki. “What is it?”

“Well, I was just listening to radio and your song came on.”

“My song? Oh,” he squealed, “you mean…”

“Yeah, her song. I really liked it and it reminded me of you…well, in a way.”

“Oh Haruhi! It makes me so happy to hear you say that. Tell you what – I’ll come over to your apartment and we shall listen to it together.”

“We can’t,” said Haruhi, confused. “I mean, the song is almost over.”

“Fret not! I own the single. I’ll bring it with me and we can listen.”


“I’ll see you in no time!”

With that, he hung up. Haruhi sighed and placed the phone back into its holster. Part of her wanted to groan and pull her hair out. But the other part of her felt mildly pleased with the situation. The old Haruhi had her place. The new Haruhi had her place as well. It seemed that it was time for the two come to terms with each other and live this new life as best they could. Haruhi gathered up her books and tossed them into her bag. She would have time for them later. Now, she had to prepare for her friend’s visit.