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The Ghost Hunt manga will end in Japan this month. It's perhaps alittle sad but they were running out of light novels to adapt stories from. And, as a NA manga buying fan, it looked as if Del Rey - even with their suddenly erratic behavior - might have been able to finish out the series. Volume 11 comes out in November and the last volume could come out next year. Right?

WHATWHATWHAT!. Final volume you say? Fuck! Perhaps there is a real explanation for this. But after cancelling volumes 17 and 18 of Nodame without warning, I'm expecting that explanation to be kind of crappy.

Tokyopop gets their shit together - niche series are being put out again (more Suppli in February after two volumes in June, Aria comes out again in December) and the paper supply has greatly improved - and Del Rey starts to fall apart. Can we only rely on -shudder- Viz*?*

*Not to discount Yen Press but they are quite young in the scheme of things
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Some days ago, TCM had Norma Shearer day as part of their "Summer under the Stars" programming. "Great," I thought, "I'll be able to record Marie Antoinette on the DVR and not have to deal with the VCR/human malfunction that screwed me out of seeing it last time". I THOUGHT WRONG. I made it past the first intermission and to the affair of the necklace before the damned timer skipped to the end of the line and refused to let me go any further. No, it didn't skip to the end of the movie. It lied to me and told me that I was already at the end even when it had previously said that I was only at the 1:30-something mark. What the hell?! I tried a number of things but it was to no avail. I'm just going to toss it on to the Netflix pile...if it is available. I must remember to check.

I did manage to record two Shearer silents: Lady of the Night and A Lady of Chance. Or, at least, I know I recorded the former and I hope I recorded the latter. I've plugged through one already and, problems with the film not withstanding, I liked Shearer in it. I may try to say more about it later tonight/tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is John Gilbert day. If you fuck me over this time DVR...grrrr. I'm recording for nearly the whole work day. I'll probably watch Downstairs (he's such a wicked bastard in this) and Bardelys the Magnificent (it's often cheeky fun) live.
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Ever get that feeling that you can't do anything right? I am wallowing in it right now. I'm such a fucking mess.

Thing that is not a mess? Fuji-san on this fine Japanese morning. Three cheers for volcano adjacent webcams!

Bleach? Oh what the hell...I just...bah. That sums it up: bah. Though it does appear that KT is moving away from drawing the eyes-too-close-together Ichigo that he was sliding into/that the anime just freaking loves. The boy's not even the star of his own series anymore; the least they could do is to draw him on model.

There's not much in the way of interesting silent film on the horizon...at least for the next two months. The big exception is Miss Mend, a Soviet era adventure serial, that will come on in December. January, however, looks pretty fabulous as they will be showing Bardleys the Magnificent, The Merry Widow, and Torrent (Garbo's American debut). They have their February/31 Day's of Oscars lineup up (but sort of hidden) and it features A Woman of Affairs (Garbo/Gilbert), Our Dancing Daughters, and The Crowd. All of this is in the distance but it all seems infinitely more interesting than the repeats they are showing until the end of the year (ex: Tillie’s Punctured Romance twice in one month and the third time for this year! Also shown three times this year: The Patsy [which I love but damn!] and The King of Kings. And it appears that Ben-Hur is coming on this year within a week or so of when it came on last year.) We are all aware that there are a limited number of silent films available to be shown. We also know that there is more than this and the repeats are getting kind of ridiculous.
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Say Goodbye to Big Screen Classics. Summary: Erosion of the DVD Market + Recession + Lowered expectations because of shit box sets from the past = not so many Classic films getting DVD releases from the big studios.

While this is bad news on the surface, I have to wonder what this means for alternate distributors. For instance, Paramount might not be willing to release something but would they potentially let the Criterions, Kinos, Flicker Alleys, or (**gulp**) Alphas release it? Or are they just waiting to see if Warner Archives will work?
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Totally screwed up taping Marie Antoinette, which came on a few hours after The Student Prince In Old Heidelberg. VCR cut off a few minutes too soon, or at least I assume so seeing as a moment of rewinding brings me to Tyrone Power talking to someone instead of movie credits/commercials/the start of another movie. On closer inspection, it turns out the the VCR is two minutes fast, pretty much guaranteeing that movie that fills up it's time slot won't be completely taped. So not cool.
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ABC cancels Pushing Diasies.

Today was not the day to tell me this. Especially since last night's episode was soooo good. And it's unconfirmed if they'll air the remaining episodes. But hopefully they will and then it'll be put on DVD and I will still be pissed somewhat satisfied. And Bryan Fuller has his own plans to continue the series (in comic book or movie form) so I can wait for that.

But, seriously, has Fuller ever had a show that wasn't canceled? It's not fair.
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I knew it.

I keep a list of manga release dates. What? I'm a notorious lister. Anyway, I noticed that I had a date for Suppli volume 4, but I could no longer find where I had procured that date. It was a bad sign. Now it makes sense. To be fair, the title may not be completely canceled. But if it is, I may have to brush up on my French and start importing it. Or maybe the scanlation group that dropped it will pick it up again, seeing as the licensing would be shown to have been just a tease.

Now I just need some sort of information about Aria's future. I'm hoping for good things, if only because it would absolutely suck to have the title dropped by its second distributor.
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OMG! Someone is totally selling an Anemone model!!11!!

I never see these things for sale and I MUST have it! She would be my office buddy at work. I would just have to position her in such a way that no one could look up her skirt (perverts).

Ok, she wouldn't come to work with me. I would not be comfortable explaining to everyone why the figurine is wearing underwear. But that's fine. I would just have to overhaul my whole desk system so as to find a place to put her. Perhaps her crazy presence would keep the cats off my desk.

And, of course, I totally don't have the money to spare on it.

Excuse me, I must melodramatically weep in the corner and curse my bad luck.


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