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quiet_curiosity ([personal profile] quiet_curiosity) wrote2007-09-08 12:36 am

Oh, the pain of it all!

OMG! Someone is totally selling an Anemone model!!11!!

I never see these things for sale and I MUST have it! She would be my office buddy at work. I would just have to position her in such a way that no one could look up her skirt (perverts).

Ok, she wouldn't come to work with me. I would not be comfortable explaining to everyone why the figurine is wearing underwear. But that's fine. I would just have to overhaul my whole desk system so as to find a place to put her. Perhaps her crazy presence would keep the cats off my desk.

And, of course, I totally don't have the money to spare on it.

Excuse me, I must melodramatically weep in the corner and curse my bad luck.