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To the End of the Leash for [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses

Title: To the End of the Leash
Fandom: Eureka Seven
Pairing: Dominic/Anemone
Words: 943
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Eureka seveN was created by Studio BONES and is distributed by Bandai. I receive no monetary benefit from this work.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses. Theme #13 - Excessive Chain

* * *

Dominic always longed for time away from her. When the chance came up for a vacation, he took it without hesitation. And even though that trip was still work related, it was work he could only do by himself. It was work that took him out of the ship and onto the hard country. It was work that just allowed him to exist outside of his usual responsibilities. Just the thought of it was freeing.

She had bawled and writhed the moment she found out he would be gone for a week. “You can’t leave me!” she screamed. “What would I do without you? What would you do without me? It’s not fair!”

“Work isn’t fair,” he had explained with a sigh. “And you have plenty to do without me. What about your own exercises? And what about Gulliver?”

“We’ll both be so lonely,” said had Anemone, pouting. But her tantrum had ended, much to his relief. And a moment later, he face lit up and she said, “You’ll be back before the end of the week.”

“But I have to work.”

“You’ll find a way to finish up early and you’ll come back to me.”

Dominic had tried to stifle his amusement. Her face already wore the mask of ultimate triumph: wide clear eyes and a large manic grin. It looked to him as if she already believed herself to be the winner. “Even if I return early, it doesn’t mean I came back to be with you.”

“I only want you to come back. But if you do come back early, you’ll owe me something. You’ll have to be much more reverent to me in public. There will be no more of this ‘letting my tired face’ show and letting everyone say that I drive you insane. “

“And if I don’t?”

“Well, then I’ll be nicer to you in public. There would be fewer demands or things like that. But you won’t win, so it’s not that big of a deal.”

“We’ll see in a week.” Dominic had held out his hand to seal the deal. The speed and strength with which she latched onto it and shook had nearly thrown off his balance. She was excited about this bet. He just knew that he couldn’t let her win.

But as the days passed on, he found it hard to stop thinking about her. The flowers had just bloomed to red, white, and pink glory. The way they danced in the breeze reminded him of the way she would twirl around the room, Gulliver in her arms, as she waited for the scientists to call on her. At nights, the wind rustle into his tent like a dust devil. And even this reminded him of her abrupt fury. Somehow, he found that comforting.

Though she was everywhere he looked, he knew that he couldn’t go back. He didn’t try to kid himself into thinking that his reluctance had to do with anything other than pride. He knew his ego would barely be able to take her frequent boasts and taunts if he dared to go back early. He was a man and not some puppy that could be dragged around by his leash. Though they were surely tied together through the military, they were still individuals who lived separate lives. He would prove to her his self sufficiency. He would hold out.

But she still wasn’t banished from his thoughts. Eventually, Dominic relegated one of his work notebooks to collecting his thoughts of Anemone. He would read over those words – alternately elated, angry, and sorrowful – and reflected on how sappy it sounded. But these were things he could barely admit to himself much less to Anemone. The words couldn’t help but sound melodramatic to untested ears. And as shocked as he was by the things he wrote, he began to wonder how she would react. As the days rolled forward, her supposed reaction began to interest him more and more. On the last day, he convinced himself that he would give her the notebook. He had to tell her he felt about her and find out where they stood.

Her moping face met him upon his return. “You were gone a week and a day,” she said.

“I had a job to do and I completed it to the best of my abilities.”

“Do we have to go over this again?” she screeched. “You have a job to do here, too!”

“And I’m back on duty,” he said, voice slightly jovial.

She could only snort and turn away. “So, I guess you think you won?”

“I stayed away a full week, didn’t I? That was all I had to do to win, right?”

“I suppose. And I suppose I’m supposed to be ‘nicer’ to you now, right?”

“Yes, whatever that means. But first, I want you to check something out.” Dominic dug carelessly through his bag, spilling pen and paper everywhere, until he managed to pull out the weather-beaten notebook. But by the time he looked up again, she had seemingly vanished. He scanned around the room until he saw her in the corner flinging Gulliver in the air as if he were ball. He could only sigh. Just as he was able to leave and return the old life, she was free to flee it at a moment’s notice. If he wasn’t bound to the leash, neither was she. All he could do was hope that she would return and listen.

All the same, he couldn’t help but cringe at the puckering sounds she made at Gulliver. It sounded like kisses, but it felt more like a kiss off.

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