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I've been looking like a bum at work for the a few months while. I needed new clothes and, with the coming of pay-day, I and the bf went out to shop. I came back with the requisite shirts, pants, a new credit card (don't ask), and, god help me, nail polish. But...it's Claire's Mood color changing nail polish! What do you mean that means nothing?! I know. But I had seen swatches of a few of the colors before and I am a sucker for novelty. Yes, even when that novelty forces me to step into a Claire's. But my poor impulse control is not the problem here.

I picked up three colors. They're basically named after the shifts in mood that they're supposed to reflect. I got an orangy coral called excited/bored. I also picked up a glittery purple called calm/wild. And I picked up a tealish color (it looks more green in the bottle but it photographs with more blue) called...wait for it...peaceful/confident. Yes, in the world of Claire's Cosmetics, the opposite of peaceful is confident. I didn't notice the name until I had gotten home. I don't think I would have bought it if I had.

Take a gander at the fail under the cut. And forgive the mess on my desk. This is actually the cleanest it's looking in months.

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May. 31st, 2010 04:08 pm
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Zoya is holding a nail polish exchange until the end of June. Send in 6 or more of your old polishes and they will send you new polish (bottle for bottle) for around half price. Zoya produces Big 3 free, more environmentally sound polish and they will dispose of your old crappy polish by EPA standards. Perhaps yay? I thought so and signed up to exchange 9 bottles. And then (yes...afterwards) I realized that I may have problems shipping those bottles to them. USPS seems to be a wash and UPS and FedEx are, at least on their websites, being kind of squirrely about how to do this. Since Zoya would be shipping these to me via UPS ground, I figure that's my best option. My idea: one box with each bottle wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed into a sandwich bag. Each bottle would be cushioned but if one were to break, the contents would be kept in its own little baggy. I'm going to call UPS tomorrow to find out what they say. If what they demand is too much of a pain in the ass, I'm going to have to cancel.

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I will admit it: I am mildly obsessed with my nails. While I put next to nothing on my face, I need my nails to be painted everyday. I will let a manicure go a little ragged during the weekend but I will constantly touch up my hands during the week. I can't explain it.

I was highly interested in the fall/winter matte craze. I love moody and interesting colors and the flat look really piqued my interest. The only problem was that these were purely department store/salon colors and I never really had the time nor the patience to get to one. Bummer for me.

But I will browse the cosmetic aisles at Target. While they are overstocked on the normal drugstore stuff, I have picked up a few OPIs that are absolute love. I'm usually disappointed in the Essie selection because nearly every color is some variation of pink or cream. Yuck. It's especially annoying because I browse nail blogs and I know that they make other colors than pink/creamy blah-ness. But today - today - they had Matte About You, Essie's matte top coat. I snagged it immediately. I finished up all my nightly chores, fished a color out of my box-o-polish (tonight's color: gunmetal), and went to work.

The results? I'M SO HAPPY! It's just as flat and moody as I had wanted it to be. I'll probably have to switch up colors by mid-week because mattes are notoriously quick to wear down. But I think it will be worth it.


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