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Think chapter 169 (End of Hypnosis) - but less shocking because this has happened before.

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Ever get that feeling that you can't do anything right? I am wallowing in it right now. I'm such a fucking mess.

Thing that is not a mess? Fuji-san on this fine Japanese morning. Three cheers for volcano adjacent webcams!

Bleach? Oh what the hell...I just...bah. That sums it up: bah. Though it does appear that KT is moving away from drawing the eyes-too-close-together Ichigo that he was sliding into/that the anime just freaking loves. The boy's not even the star of his own series anymore; the least they could do is to draw him on model.

There's not much in the way of interesting silent film on the horizon...at least for the next two months. The big exception is Miss Mend, a Soviet era adventure serial, that will come on in December. January, however, looks pretty fabulous as they will be showing Bardleys the Magnificent, The Merry Widow, and Torrent (Garbo's American debut). They have their February/31 Day's of Oscars lineup up (but sort of hidden) and it features A Woman of Affairs (Garbo/Gilbert), Our Dancing Daughters, and The Crowd. All of this is in the distance but it all seems infinitely more interesting than the repeats they are showing until the end of the year (ex: Tillie’s Punctured Romance twice in one month and the third time for this year! Also shown three times this year: The Patsy [which I love but damn!] and The King of Kings. And it appears that Ben-Hur is coming on this year within a week or so of when it came on last year.) We are all aware that there are a limited number of silent films available to be shown. We also know that there is more than this and the repeats are getting kind of ridiculous.
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Yes, yes...I am a media masochist...blah, blah blah.

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So I've only been keeping up with Code Geass R2 only through Random Curiosity since about...episode 4 (wasn't in the mood to actually watch it but had no inclination not to keep up). Anyway...seriously, Sunrise, what the every-loving fuck? I'm fine with the basic crackilious-ness of it but it just fed into so many things that have been wrong with the series this time around.

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But I'm still trying to grab the subs to watch later. I've got to eventually catch the boyfriend up on what I've been groaning over for the last few weeks.


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