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Today was the Project Runway fashion show. This one has the most participants ever (and if you saw Wednesday's show, you know who those six people are). It is also the most uneven. Seriously, looking at these collections (which seem smaller than past collections), the final crew seem hard to suss out. Only two designers really look like members of the "final three". The other four have their highs, but, generally, they just don't have the cohesion of the other two.

You can check out pictures at the following places: Project Rungay link
Jezebel link - jump to the bottom of the article for links to the other designers

Spoilerish talk )

As Project Runway moves onto Lifetime (god help us all) for its next season, I hope that one thing they do is make it so that there is an actual final three and no decoys. It was fine for the first few seasons, but three decoys for one season is too much. You're supposed to aim for the top three and not the final six.

Ya know...

Feb. 13th, 2008 08:16 pm
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As much as I love certain Bravo reality shows (ex: Project Runway and Top Chef) and as much as I enjoyed the first season or so of Queer Eye...

I really miss the old Bravo.

You know, the Bravo that showed lots of indie and foreign films. The one that showed art documentaries in the wee hours of the morning.

It was really enjoyable. Not as fun as TCM, mind you. (Is there anything as great as TCM?) But still enjoyable.

ETA (9:12PM): Damn you, PR! Why must you make me wait to find who is the last member of the final three?! It's not like I haven't seen all the collections already. (The Project Runway show was last Friday). I just want confirmation. That said: Team Jillian W00T!
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I don’t know why I sat on this for so long. I was possibly spending too much time watching everyone freak out over at the television without pity forums.

Defending Jeffrey )

This season was strangely frustrating to watch. There was too much drama and fighting and not enough emphasis on being creative and making clothes. I do not like reality TV in general but I have been willing to make an exception for what seemed to be a different kind of show. If the producers keep this up with the next season, they can consider this viewer lost.

ETA: Bad Mommy Redux )
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First off, Tim interacting with anyone’s family members was cute. I immediately recollect him with Michael mother (whom he would have met through the “Everyday Woman” Challenge) and they were both very sweet.

Nearly every one of these folks has enviable real estate. The view of the ocean Uli has from her apartment is stellar. Also –

I have to say that it was interesting hearing a non-American talking about the “American Dream.” I find it (the dream) is hard to connect to and I’ve noticed that many of my friends feel the same way. It was very interesting hearing a foreigner talking about her thoughts on the dream. Her words make me think that I should look a bit closer and that the dream isn’t as far away as distant as some Americans believe it to be.

The Clothes - Reevaluated )

SewGate )

My choices for winning still go as follows: Uli, Michael and Jeffrey, Laura. Since the events of Episode 13, Jeffrey and Michael are on an even field for second.
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The Reunion happened Wednesday and, for the most part, I was really entertained. The Dictionary bits, both for Tim and the Contestants, were really funny. Maybe it's the English major talking, but I didn't find most of Tim's vocabulary to be so over the top. Robert was insanely funny. I've so missed Robert. As I was discussing with the person I watch this with, Robert should have been kept around for comic relief. I know that Barbie probably pays better...but he would be an excellent PR mascot!

As for the major things-

Keith - Whatever! His excuses are lame and uninventive. Oh, they didn't say you couldn't have books? It seems that other contestants have different views of the contract. The producers framed you? I'll agree that they've been distracted this season but I don't think they would frame a front-runner in such a way. Personally, I thought Keith's Doggy dress looked a lot like his "Wall to Wall" dress. If he had stuck around, I think people would have spoken about Keith like they speak about Laura or Uli. He's a one-trick-pony. Oh well. Once we moved past his nonsense, we were done with Keith. Thank god.

Vincent: he makes me uncomfortable. At first, it centered on him being obviously crazy. But as the season went on, it seemed as if people with talent were being passed over for people like Angela and Vincent. Yes, he was more gracious than Angela during the "Black and White" challenge. But then I saw the Bonus Video on bravotv.com in which he utterly trashed Laura and Angela and I was sickened. I don't even like Angela, but his "plays" at her potential death seemed completely vile. Vincent: If you didn't want Tim to talk shit about you, you shouldn't have talked shit about anyone else. (I've read the talk about Tim v. Vincent on TwoP and I can't help but side with Tim. He said everything I wanted to say but couldn't.)

Angela: I sympathized with you during the "Mom" thing. But as the series went on, that sympathy dwindled. Laura was right to call you out on your "win." You would not have won had it not been for Laura and Michael's high taste levels. When my partner and I watched the Jeff-Your Mom break down again we could not help but agree that it seemed staged. And, as shy as I am, had someone spoken to me as Jeff spoke to your mother, s/he would have to deal with the barrage of swears and defenses I would have thrown up to defend myself. I'm at least half your mother's age and I would not have dealt with the nonsense she supposedly dealt with. No, you and Jeff would not be friend. You wouldn't be sex buddies. Drop it!!

As for EP 13, I hope that all of this is just something that the producers are playing up for ratings. I adore Laura and I've begun to accept Jeffrey. From all that I have seen from him (watch the bonus video for the episdoe in which they kicked off Keith to find out how much training Jeffrey did for the show - very eye opening), I cannot imagine Jeff cheating. I hope it is a misunderstanding.

That said: the outfit we saw from Michael during the preview looked amazing on a dress form. It makes me wonder if seeing these designs in motion will change my opinions of who will win. As it stands: Uli is my front-runner, followed by Michael, Jeffrey, and Laura.


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