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There is a black-and-blue knot on my ankle that is the size and consistency of a golf ball. Out of the last four days, I have twisted that ankle on three of them. It's fine right now (this is, after all, my second glass of wine) but that poor ankle is in terrible condition. Good news: my back has stopped hurting but that can't last for long.

There is no Gurren Lagann for the next two weeks! This shouldn't distress me but it does. It has, at least up to this point, turned out to be much better than I thought it would be. The boyfriend has seen the whole thing and insists that it ends badly, but I'll hold out judgment. It has been forever since I actually enjoyed an anime. At least I had my Monday shot of Marmalade Boy.

We almost have a media server. It just needs a bit more hardware. But the hard drives are in and I was able to transfer all the stuff that I've saved but have not been ready to watch from my desk. It freed up over 30 GB. And I could only think of more ways to fill it up. Perhaps if I had another couple iTunes card...?

Current Bleach? It's blah punctuated by good moments. Oh Yumichika...

I received my Garbo set on Wednesday. I've technically watched all three movies (minus passing out during the last 15/20 minutes of The Tempest) and I'll probably sprinkle my impressions of the other two movies throughout the week. Overall, I'm quite happy with the set. The print for The Mysterious Lady is sometimes rather dismal, but it maintains decent detail and grayscale (no blasted/whited out features or details) so it is passable. I'm still considering getting the Keaton set (which contains his first three MGM movies ), but I'm really leaning toward picking up a Garbo biography (in particular Barry Paris' - in no small part because I love and adore his Louise Brooks bio). Payday is at the end of the week...so I'll have to see.
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OK Spoilers Ep 7-8 )

I'll have the TCM/Warner Garbo Silent collection in my hands by the end of the week. My excitement knows few bounds. After viewing a couple of her talkies, I really want to see some early stuff. And seeing as I have seen bits of Flesh and the Devil, I'm eager to see the whole thing and in correct context. If it proves itself to be worth it (and I'm sure it will), I'll probably order their Keaton Collection (his last two silents plus his first talkie). Keaton plus MGM is a toxic mix, but I really want to see The Cameraman and Spite Marriage. We'll have to see.
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I finished the first two episodes of Gurren Lagann about 20 minutes ago. Yes, I watched the dub on Sci-Fi. The subs came out too slow and I gradually lost interest, especially after it became evident that the series inspires people toward the crazy.

Obvious spoilers are obvious )

I'll probably watch next week. But I'm not sure after that. I just haven't been in much of an anime mood.


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