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My multiple attempts to watch Marie Antoinette have been documented. I almost had another "Oh fuck me!" story when the disk from Netflix froze about 45 minutes in. Luckily, I had my absolutely terrible commerical disk cleaning/repairing device and the day was saved.

Quick Impressions? Come right this way )

More thoughts later...but no promises.
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Some days ago, TCM had Norma Shearer day as part of their "Summer under the Stars" programming. "Great," I thought, "I'll be able to record Marie Antoinette on the DVR and not have to deal with the VCR/human malfunction that screwed me out of seeing it last time". I THOUGHT WRONG. I made it past the first intermission and to the affair of the necklace before the damned timer skipped to the end of the line and refused to let me go any further. No, it didn't skip to the end of the movie. It lied to me and told me that I was already at the end even when it had previously said that I was only at the 1:30-something mark. What the hell?! I tried a number of things but it was to no avail. I'm just going to toss it on to the Netflix pile...if it is available. I must remember to check.

I did manage to record two Shearer silents: Lady of the Night and A Lady of Chance. Or, at least, I know I recorded the former and I hope I recorded the latter. I've plugged through one already and, problems with the film not withstanding, I liked Shearer in it. I may try to say more about it later tonight/tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is John Gilbert day. If you fuck me over this time DVR...grrrr. I'm recording for nearly the whole work day. I'll probably watch Downstairs (he's such a wicked bastard in this) and Bardelys the Magnificent (it's often cheeky fun) live.
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Say Goodbye to Big Screen Classics. Summary: Erosion of the DVD Market + Recession + Lowered expectations because of shit box sets from the past = not so many Classic films getting DVD releases from the big studios.

While this is bad news on the surface, I have to wonder what this means for alternate distributors. For instance, Paramount might not be willing to release something but would they potentially let the Criterions, Kinos, Flicker Alleys, or (**gulp**) Alphas release it? Or are they just waiting to see if Warner Archives will work?


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