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Dear Yuletide Author - 2015


Dear Yuletide Author,

Here we are again! Happy Yuletide season. I have been looking forward to this greatly over the last few weeks.  Hopefully you have as well.

Thank you in advance for the work you will put into the story. I hope that my letter will offer you some guidance.

General Thoughts

  1. I'm open to all kinds of stories. I'm a sucker for angst and drama but I also appreciate humor and a light touch. Adventures and complex stories are fun but I also enjoy slice-of-life/lived-in stories that deal with seemingly mundane things.

  2. One thing I'm not fond of are Tropey AUs (whether we're talking mundane things like coffee shops or sci-fi world building you find in A/B/O). They are occasionally fun, but, for the most part, they feel divorced from the canon for me.

  3. Potential violence and/or gore should be in line with canon. In years past I would have a note about not liking "grimdark" style stories; that's not inherently true. Some canons are naturally dark and it would almost be wrong to stay away from that fact. But the tone should fit the canon.

  4. While I have a certain fondness for smut, I don't necessarily search for it or expect it in most of what I read. I'm also pretty vanilla with my smut preferences. Outright romance without sex is great. UST can be even better. And, of course, I love gen.

  5. When it comes to storytelling styles, I'd say the only thing I'm not super fond of is 2nd person. Other than that: multiple narrators, epistolary, playing with structure...on and on, I'm open to it.

  6. I don't have any major squicks.

I want to like your story and I'm always pleased with what comes to me when the collection opens. I believe that I'm an easy person to write for. If you have any need for clarification, I am not opposed to questions--either through the mods or even anonymous Tumblr ask.

Fandoms and Requests

I want to offer up a background on the various fandoms, what I enjoy about them, and few possibilities for each. Again, Yuletide rules note that optional details are optional and I understand if you don't do any of these things. I just want to give you a few ideas in case they are needed.

Note: for some requests I had clearer ideas for prompts. For others, I am just really jonesing for something--almost anything--with those characters in that fandom. So some of the below will be more prompt heavy while the rest will be more along the lines of "this is what I love about X."

Also: I am up to date on the fandoms with ongoing canons. There is no need to worry about spoilers.

  1. Design for Living (1933)

  • The Movie: Boys meet Girl. Girl takes a liking to boys and has separate flings with them. Unwilling to let the inevitable happen (boys bicker over girl, become dissatisfied with each other and, eventually, her), Girl proposes a “Gentleman’s Agreement” by which they call exist in a sexless, mutually beneficial relationship. While the initial arrangement does not work out, they all have a sinking suspicion that they can't live apart...

  • Design for Living is a 91 minute long film loosely adapted from the Noel Coward play of the same name. It was directed by Ernst Lubitsch and adapted by Ben Hecht. It stars Fredric March, Gary Cooper, and Miriam Hopkins.

  • What I love about...: This movie is still an ongoing obsession for me. It's really a case where the “love triangles are solved by threesomes” trope is true. That's, of course, the point...but I really enjoy their chemistry with one another and can buy that they are all better together than apart or sliced off into twosomes.

  • The Characters and Possibilities: George Curtis, Gilda Farrell, and Tom Chambers

  • The most obvious place to go would be future-fic. Did they ever make it back to the garret? Can they truly move past any lingering jealousy? But I also wonder about them as artists and muse? How did that work once the Gentleman's Agreement became unenforceable? Did Gilda ever want to be more than a “Mother of the Arts” and create her own thing? What does success look like once they decide they need each other more the material success? And does (or how does) their relationship cause problems in regards to that?

  1. Strangers with Candy

  • The Show: Jerri Blank was "a boozer, a user, and a loser" who dropped out of high school to pursue a life of debauchery. But she wanted something more. So, Jerri returns to high school at the age of 45 to right her life. That does not happen...at all.

  • Strangers with Candy is a 30 episode (+ 1 movie) series created by Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, Stephen Colbert, and Mitch Rouse.

  • What I love about…: I appreciate how utterly off the wall the show is. Anything goes and nothing is sacred.

  • Characters and Possibilities: Chuck Noblet and Geoffrey Jellineck

  • I binged the series again recently and I am still overcome by Geoffrey/Chuck feelings/feels. What was life like for them post-Flatpoint? How did the actually meet? What kind of hijinks were they up to that we never saw?

  1. Penny Dreadful (TV)

  • The Show: The greats of 19th Century Gothic literature come together in London to wrestle with--or indulge in--evil.

  • Penny Dreadful is an 18 episode (and counting) series created by John Logan. Its third season is set to air in 2016.

  • What I love about…: This show combines so many things I love into one package: well drawn characters, sumptuous visuals, and Victoriana.

  • Characters and Possibilities: Vanessa Ives and Ethan Chandler

  • I struggled so much with which characters to request. Anyone would be great! But I had to choose someone(s). I decided on Vanessa and/or Ethan. I love them both individually and together. They work well within a friendship or star crossed lovers perspective. It's really their commonalities--their wrestling with their demons--that make them work so well together. Are there any scenes that we're missing for them (ex: more from their time in the moors or anything from the first season)? Will they ever meet again?

  1. iZombie (TV)

  • The Show: Olivia went to a party: that was a mistake. Said party descends into chaos and Olivia leaves it a zombie. Her life is turned upside down: professional concerns upended, engagements broken, friends and family confused. She takes a job with the Medical Examiner's office to keep her cravings in check. It's here that she finds a kind of benefit to her condition: she is able to experience flashbacks from the deceased's life. With the help of a partner on the Seattle Police force, she uses these flashbacks to solve crime.

  • iZombie is a 16 episode (and counting) series developed by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright that is loosely based on a comic book of the same name. It's second season is airing now.

  • What I love about…: I just recently discovered this show within the last two weeks but I am in love. Rose McIver is a superstar--Liv is such a fully formed character but then she's able to subvert that in fun, fascinating ways with the brain-of-the-week. Supporting characters are just fab. The show is funny and clever, but then they're able to punch you in the gut when you least expect it.

  • Characters and Possibilities: Liv Moore

  • I love Liv and would love to see her with anyone in the main cast. With so many of the characters--Ravi, Peyton, Clive, and/or Major--she has a great, cheeky rapport that contains a lot of genuine affection. Anything that explores her relationships would be greatly appreciated.

So that is it! I'm committed to these fandoms and I will probably not re-visit this letter throughout the sign-up period. Again, thank you for your efforts. I'm certain your story will be awesome!

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