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Dear Author - Yuletide 2014

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Greetings! Yuletide season begins again!. I'm exciting and I hope you are as well.

Thank you in advance for the work you will put into the story. I hope that my letter will offer you some guidance.

General Notes

1) I'm generally open to all kinds of stories. I'm a sucker for angst and drama but I also appreciate humor and a light touch. Adventures and complex stories are fun but I also enjoy slice-of-life/lived-in stories that deal with seemingly mundane things.

That said, I'm not a big fan overwhelming, grimdark-style darkness. I'm also not that fond of Tropey AUs (whether we're talking mundane things like coffee shops or sci-fi world building you find in A/B/O).

2) While I may have certain things in mind for these fandoms/characters, you may not come to the same conclusions and that is all right. Hell, the rules insist that the details beyond fandom and characters are optional.

3) While I have a certain fondness for smut, I don't necessarily search for it or expect it in most of what I read. I'm also pretty vanilla with my smut preferences. Outright romance without sex is great. UST can be even better. And, of course, I love gen.

4) When it comes to storytelling styles, I'd say the only thing I'm not super fond of is 2nd person. Other than that: multiple narrators, epistolary, playing with structure...on and on, I'm open to it.

Fandoms and Requests

As it goes with requests and characters, I wanted to offer up a background on the various fandoms, what I enjoy about them, and few possibilities for each. Again, Yuletide rules note that optional details are optional and I understand if you don't do any of these things. I just want to give you a few ideas in case they are needed.

1) Forever Knight

The Series: Nick Knight is a Toronto detective. He's also an 800-year-old vampire. Nick has developed guilt over his vampiric misdeeds and tries use his abilities to benefit society at large. With the help of a colleague, he intends to find a way back to being human. But his past vampiric family seduce him back to his old life.

Forever Knight was a 70-episode television series that ran during the early/mid-1990s.

What I Love About… It's a series I started in between high school and college (what a year in so many ways!). Nick was never a fave (but by no means hated) but there was still a lot to endear it: the supporting cast, the juxtaposition between the past and contemporary life, and a focus on redemption (even when the rest of the world was pretty dark and unforgiving).

The Characters and Possibilities: Janette DuCharme

A recent re-watch reinforced for me how much I love Janette. Save a certain episode, she's someone who enthusiastically embraces the life she has. She has her own code of conduct and maintains a sense of loyalty. She's just as adaptable to modern times as Nick but without the heavy baggage. And while she occasionally had the spotlight, she was never a heavy focus. So I think there's a lot of places to go with her. What about Janette's life with LaCroix before Nick enters the picture? What other stories can be told about them as a threesome? What about time in which she has struck out on her? What stories can be told about her in conjunction with the Raven?

2) Design for Living (1933)

The Movie: Boys meet Girl. Girl takes a liking to boys and has separate flings with them. Unwilling to let the inevitable happen (boys bicker over girl, become dissatisfied with each other and, eventually, her), Girl proposes a “Gentleman’s Agreement” by which they call exist in a sexless, mutually beneficial relationship. While the initial arrangement did not work out, they all have a sinking suspicion that they can't live apart...

Design for Living is a 91 minute long film loosely adapted from the Noel Coward play of the same name. It was directed by Ernst Lubitsch and adapted by Ben Hecht. It stars Fredric March, Gary Cooper, and Miriam Hopkins.

What I love about...: This movie has been an ongoing obsession for me. It's really a case where the “love triangles are solved by threesomes” trope is true. That's, of course, the point...but I really enjoy their chemistry with one another and can buy that they are all better together than apart or sliced off into twosomes.

The Characters and Possibilities: George Curtis, Gilda Farrell, and Tom Chambers

The most obvious place to go would be future-fic. Did they ever make it back to the garret? Can they truly move past any lingering jealousy? But I also wonder about them as artists and muse? How did that work once the Gentleman's Agreement became unenforceable? Did Gilda ever want to be more the a “Mother of the Arts” and create her own thing? What does success look like once they decide they need each other more the material success? And does (or how does) their relationship cause problems in regards to that?

3) Ookami to Koushinryou | Spice and Wolf
The Series: Kraft Lawrence was just a simple traveling merchant until he met Holo. She is harvest god whose town has forsaken/moved beyond her with the help of technology. Now, all Holo wants to do is return to her former home, Yoitsu. They make a deal to make that trek together.

Spice and Wolf began as a light novel series but is just as well known for its manga and, particularly, anime adaptation.

What I like about...:It's a series that lives or dies based on the likability of its main characters... and I love the two of them so much. Love the way they play off each other, get other the others' skin, and still manage carry on in spite of the difficulties. Their relationship is so real and it caught my imagination very quickly. Even apart, they are both richly drawn characters.

The Characters and Possibilities: Holo and Kraft Lawrence

It may seem cliché, but I'd like travel/adventure fic. It's where they are at their best and, at the same time, it's where they trip up. It can take place anywhere within their journey. I'm most familiar with the anime and have a little knowledge of the light novels (though I have quick access to the first eight). If you know spoilers and want to include them, go ahead. I am not adverse to spoilers and the additional knowledge will only encourage me to pick up the books!

4) Dark Shadows (1966)

The Series: synopsis and length: The initial story was that of Victoria Winters, an orphaned young woman who returns to Maine in order to work for the Collins family and discover a little about her past. But the story shifts away from her a little over a year into its existence after the introduction of Barnabas Collins, a vampire who is equal parts sinister and romantically melancholy. As the story progresses, we follow is origins and later watch as he tries to reclaim his humanity and help the Collins family with the various supernatural boogeymen who rear their heads.

Dark Shadows was a daytime soap opera that aired between 1966 to 1971. There are 1,225 episodes. The original series spawned two movies, House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows, the former being an alternate version of the original Barnabas storyline and the later having little connection to the series beyond character names and actors. The original series also spawned a novel series and comic strip.

What I love about...: Dark Shadows was my first fandom and I just have a ton of positive memories with it – whether they be the mailing lists or watching with it my Grandmother during my gap year. Yes, the series is a campy, soapy melodrama. That's what makes it fun! I also appreciate its sprawl. Time moves backwards, forwards and sideways and they include so many supernatural creatures. There is something for nearly everyone. The canon can be intimidating (1000+ episodes). I picked up the series during the 1968 episodes and, for me, that's where the show always begins.

The Characters and Possibilities: Angelique Bouchard and Nicholas Blair

I love these two so much and I love them together just as much as I do apart. And they have this deep and bitter history that the show never really delved into. So where did they meet? Was this purely an underworld thing or did they meet up above ground? Did they ever have to work together toward a common goal, either for their master or to further their mutual goals? He's something of a minder, and then taskmaster, for her in 1968. I'd like to see them on more equal footing. Either way, was whatever they were working toward a success?

So that is it! I'm committed to these fandoms but I will probably re-visit this letter throughout the sign-up period. Again, thank you for your efforts. I'm certain your story will be awesome!

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