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Dear Yuletide 2011 Author

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hello! It's that time of year again. Are you excited? I am. And, thank you in advance for your effort.

What I usually go for in fic:

1) I can be a bit of an angst queen. I like to write it and I like to read it. That said, I'm not a big fan of death fic. Depending on the fandom, I'm put off by excessive violence. There's one fandom in this list in which that won't be a big deal.

2) I also like quiet, almost slice-of-life style stories. I like stories that can explore the small emotional truths of everyday life. I like drama with bits of humor placed in at the appropriate moments. Fluff is fine for the right characters and fandoms.

3) While I have a certain fondness for smut (of the het, slash, and femslash varieties), I don't necessarily search for it or expect it in most of what I read. I'm also pretty vanilla with my smut preferences. Outright romance without sex is great. UST can be even better. And, of course, I love gen.

I am not that hard to please.

The Requests

As it goes with requests and characters, I wanted to offer up a few possibilities for each fandom. In fandoms where more than 2 characters are listed, the possibilities might be split across a couple of character groupings. Of course, Yuletide rules say that optional details are optional and I understand if you don't do any of these things. I just want to give you a few ideas in case they are needed.

Format for these requests:
Series synopsis
What I like about the series
The characters and prompts

1) RahXephon

The Series: synopsis and length: Ayato's life is turned upside down when it turns out the life he knew was a lie. An multidimensional group, the Mu, have separated Tokyo from the rest of the world and his mother is their leader. It is a this time that he encounters the RahXephon, a mecha which only he can pilot. It is through this being that Ayato will learn about himself and gain the power to re-tune the world.

RahXephon is a 26-episode anime. There is a Quon-centric OVA episode released with the video game. A movie, RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio, tells the story from Haruka's point of view. There is a three-volume manga series. It often greatly shifts character motivations (and character designs) from those in the original anime. There is also a novel series that retells the story.

What I love about...: Poor man's Evangelion? Not for me! RahXephon is a strong coming-of-age story/romance that pulls you in with its ability to be visually stunning and emotionally crushing. Mystery and mythos seep from every crevasse and help create a multifaceted and real world.

And the soundtrack is amazing! Ichiko Hashimoto crafted very powerful pieces that just enhances the series on every level.

The Characters and Possibilities: Kamina Ayato, Torigai Mamoru, Asahina Hiroko

I'm really interested in these three as a trio. When we first meet them, they seem like perfect friends. But the more we see them together, the more the cracks begin to show. And then it all really explodes when Ayato returns to Tokyo Jupiter. Was this inevitable? I'm particularly intrigued by Mamoru given that he has knowledge that the other two don't have.

2) Dark Shadows (1966)

The Series: synopsis and length: The initial story was that of Victoria Winters, a orphaned young woman who returns to Maine in order to work for the Collins family and discover a little about her past. But the story shifts away from her a little over a year into its existence after the introduction of Barnabas Collins, a vampire who is equal parts sinister and romantically melancholy. As the story progresses, we follow is origins and later watch as he tries to reclaim his humanity and help the Collins family with the various supernatural boogeymen who rear their heads.

Dark Shadows was a daytime soap opera that aired between 1966 to 1971. There are 1,225 episodes. The original series spawned two movies, House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows, the former being an alternate version of the original Barnabas storyline and the later having little connection to the series beyond character names and actors. The original series also spawned a novel series and comic strip.

What I love about... Dark Shadows was my first fandom and I just have a ton of positive memories with it - whether the be the mailing lists or watching with it my Grandmother during my gap year. Yes, the series is a campy, soapy melodrama. That's what makes it fun! I also appreciate its sprawl. Time moves backwards, forwards and sideways and they include so many supernatural creatures. There is something for nearly everyone. The canon can be intimidating (1000+ episodes). I picked up the series during the 1968 episodes and, for me, that's where the show always begins.

The Characters and Possibilities: Barnabas Collins, Julia Hoffman, Quentin Collins, Chris Jennings

With Barnabas and Julia: While the series ends them on a happy-ish note, it's not very fulfilling. Surely there are other adventures for them, in the family or out. I'm not much a shipper for the two of them, but I've developed a growing fondness for them as a duo over the years. By the end, they complimented each other so well. I'd like to see what they're up to post series. If you want to add in other characters, go ahead.

With Quentin and Chris: Family ties can certainly be a pain, especially when you didn't know they were your family and they've basically ruined your life for the last decade. There were a few moments in the series where they've made contact and Chris is throwing out an "I hate what you've done to me" vibe while Quentin is attempting to by sympathetic about the whole werewolf thing. I'd like to see the dynamics between them explored more. Again, if you want to add in other characters, do so.

3) Ristorante Paradiso (anime and/or manga)

The Series: Synopsis and length: Nicoletta travels to Rome in order to track down her wayward mother, Olga. Her search leads her to Casetta dell'Orso, the restaurant owned by Olga's husband. It's here that she becomes acquainted with the staff of Casetta dell'Orso, all bespectacled older gentlemen who cause customer hearts to flutter and mouths to water. Nicoletta finds herself growing close to one of these men, Claudio, as she learns more about the mother she never really knew.

Ristorante Paradiso is an 11 episode anime. It is also a manga series: one volume entitled Ristorante Paradiso and a three-volume continuation named Gente: The People of Ristorante Paradiso. The anime is a blending of the two. For instance: episode 4 is from Gente volume one/chapter one. Episode 6 is adapted from Gente volume one/chapter 3.

What I love about...: Everything! It is my perfect slice-of-life, coming of age romance. All the characters come of life in nice, subtle ways. It's not bombastic and it's almost completely satisfying on an emotional level. And how can you go wrong when the eye candy consists of older, glasses-wearing gentlemen? Olga was living the dream.

The Characters and Possibilities: Nicoletta, Olga, Luciano de Luca

With Nicoletta and Olga, I would like to see something exploring the ups and downs of their reformed relationship. While I wouldn't say the series fixes their relationship too quickly, there is a certain lack of tension there that maybe should have been there.

With Luciano: I love him and his lovable gruffness. His relationship with his family is really lovely and I appreciate the ways in which he tries to guide Nicoletta. Anything that really explores his character would be nice.

And it was super painful trying to figure out who to nominate from such a well-rounded cast. If you think anyone else would fit into the story, add them in.

4) Baccano!

The Series: Synopsis and length: Alchemy and late-Prohibition/Depression-era America collide! Mobsters, assassins, newspaper reporters, information brokers, heiresses, and a couple of dim (but amazing!) thieves live in a world where immortality and nearly everyone is connected to one another in some small way.

Baccano! started out as a light novel series by Ryohgo Narita. It is currently 16 volumes strong. It is better known to many as a 16 episode anime. There is also a manga series based on The Grand Punk Railroad storyline.

What I love about...: Again...everything! Baccano! very easily scratches my love for 20s/30s era stories. It's chock full of lovable (yet often amoral, violent, or downright evil) characters that lend themselves very well to further pondering. It's also another series with a wide-reaching mythology that can only be built upon.

The Characters and Possibilities: Nice Holystone, Jacuzzi Splot, Eve Genoard, Luck Gandor

Nice and Jacuzzi are love. Seriously. And given their long histories with one another, there are many stories to tell between them. The world could use more stories from them as kids. Or what they beginning of their gang was like? Or...well, just about anything.

It was a few well-written stories and the Drugs and Dominoes light novel that brought me around to Eve and Luck as some sort of duo. What would be interesting here is some sort of interaction between them years after hands had been shot off and brothers had eventually been found. There's no need for UST; I like the dynamics between them and would like to see them explored.

Again, this has a huge sprawling cast. Add who you think needs to be there.

Again, thank you for your Yuletide efforts. Whatever you do, I'm sure it'll be awesome!

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